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NDR Digital Studio is the best 3D Visualizer in India, transforming our customers' desires into an extraordinary virtual reality experience. We are a group of qualified specialists that have dedicated our lives to understanding 3D architecture ideas.

For you, we build things that still need to be created. We have long been industry leaders in using 3D and other architectural designs to promote real estate and commercial goods.

Who Are We?

NDR Digital Studio is one of India's leading 3D Visualization Companies in India for displaying your creative concepts, enhancing your chances of winning a pitch, generating new business, or providing client insight into the completed design.

Our unique designs, creativity, and marketing abilities have helped us create a niche in the creative world of multimedia. Our extensive experience and togetherness approach allows us to meet the customer's requirements through a detailed design analysis. The expertise of our 3D artists and qualified graphic professionals supports our production process. They adapt to current trends and can design that meet the client's requirements.

Converting Your Ideas into Virtual Reality

We produce high-quality designs and visualize our clients' imaginations because of our extensive knowledge in this sector. India's leading CGI Rendering company uses cutting-edge technology that allows us to accomplish your 3D architectural animation projects on schedule. Our photorealistic rendering skills give us a sense of accurate visualization of the design or how things will look when all ideas and features have been implemented.

The New NDR Office is Bigger, Better & Brighter

We needed a better solution for space because the NDR team is expanding exponentially. We have relocated to a new space in Gurugram for a better future and happy networking opportunities.

NDR Expands VR in Architecture

We are excited to launch virtual reality to help our architects, and the construction industry win tenders, enhance the design process, and allow your clients to share your vision.

CAD Documentation & Drafting

Our team of professionals has extensive expertise in offering a whole spectrum of Outsourcing CAD Services, from planning and design to implementation and maintenance, at an unrivaled level of flexibility.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life with the Best 3D Visualizer in India.

Looking for 3D Visualization in India that is customer-oriented? We are India's best 3D Visualizer, providing high-quality 3D architectural Rendering and 3D architectural visualization services to our international and domestic clients.

NDR Digital Studio designs the best 3D Visualizer in India, specializing in offering high-quality photorealistic 3D rendering services, animation, visualizations, walkthroughs, flythroughs, and models at affordable pricing. Our Architectural Visualisation Services are photorealistic, and interactive and can meet any home or business need.

We have worked with clients from many areas throughout the years and have completed projects on schedule. Some of the key industries we have helped include:

Real Estate

3D Rendering assists architects and designers in virtually visualizing their designs. Our staff is constantly working systematically to highlight every minute aspect to see if the project is along the same lines that it was created on.


Our services enable manufacturers to see their projects in three dimensions before final execution. They may also utilize this in marketing initiatives to increase sales.


Architects can utilize this technology to display their designs to others.

Interior Designers

Interior designers utilize rendering services to show their clients many design possibilities. This allows them to entice clients and gain their approval.

CGI Rendering Company Benefits


We offer customized and industry-specific representations to assist you in developing brand value.


Expand your portfolio and position yourself as a provider of a full range of solutions.

360-Degree View

Visualise and imagine your creations from all angles.


Designs that are as near to reality as possible.

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